Toxaprevent® is the only brand in the world containing MANC® the cleanest, perfectly sized and most of all patented Zeolite Clinoptilolite on the market. The Zeolite Clinoptilolite used in TOXAPREVENT® is referred to as MANC® What does MANC® stand for in our Clinoptilolite? Modified to stay only in the digestive tract. The particle size of the Zeolite has been optimised between 6-10 microns. This in numerous studies has been shown to be the perfect particle size. The particle is to large to pass through the intestinal wall, yes even during Leaky Gut! The particle is also small enough meaning it will not bind to any nutrients or minerals as it travels through the digestive tract (We have studies to prove this!!). Activated as it has been cleaned! TOXAPREVENT® has the only patented manufacturing process that ensures our Zeolite Clinoptilolite is completely cleaned of any toxins when it is mined in the ground. This ensures the Clinoptilolite is completely 100% clean and ready to take away all the toxins in your body! Natural, yes you read that correctly it is 100% natural. No additives! Our clinoptilolite is Halal, Kosher and Vegan certified. Remember it is derived from Volcanic Ash! Clinoptilolite your new favourite mineral. All we use is Zeolite Clinoptilolite as this is best, natural, friendliest and most available Zeolite on the market. Get exploring the best Zeolite Clinoptilolite on the market TOXAPREVENT®: your innovative health partner.

  1. Recurring Heartburn? Could reducing ammonium be key?

    Recurring Heartburn? Could reducing ammonium be key?
    Heartburn affects millions of people in the UK and according to the NHS, “about 1 in 5 people are thought to experience at least 1 episode of GORD a week”. Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease, more commonly known as acid reflux or heartburn. If you’re one of the millions suffering from the discomfort of this agonising condition, you might have tried a range...
  2. Strengthen the Wall of the Intestinal Barrier; A solution to Leaky Gut syndrome

    Strengthen the Wall of the Intestinal Barrier; A solution to Leaky Gut syndrome
    Leaky Gut, the microbiome and mental health The microbiome has become a topic of increasing importance and is now more relevant than ever, with a particular focus on the role of gut bacteria on both physical and mental health. Many discuss the role of the gut and the effect it plays on a person’s mental health and how toxins such...
  3. Toxic? You need TOXAPREVENT®

    Toxic? You need TOXAPREVENT®
    What is Zeolite? Zeolite or Zeolith as it is known in Germany is the “go to” product for people suffering with an overload of toxins. Commonly used Zeolite products, such as bentonite, often made claims that were not entirely accurate. Zeolites have been well researched overall, but only certain Zeolites such as Clinoptilolite have the proof and evidence of how...
  4. Effectively detoxify mercury, histamine and ammonium using the right zeolite

    Effectively detoxify mercury, histamine and ammonium using the right zeolite Author: Gudrun Jonsson, Biopath and Author of “Gut Reaction” and “The Gut Reaction Eating Plan” Even with a perfectly tailored diet that delivers the right nutrients in the optimal doses, the human body is continuously overburdened with environmental toxins as well as those created inside the body.  Consequently, the...

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