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  1. Product

    Tamara is a Total Wellness Therapist with over 15 years of experience in the field of Health and Well-being. She is a qualified NES Health® Bioenergetic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Shaman Energy Healer, Fitness Instructor, and holds over 12 years experience with studies in Diet & Nutrition. Her current studies include Total Release Experience Practitioner™ with TRE UK, Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC) with ABC Training Europe, and Level 5 Diploma (Degree) in Health, Diet a ...
  2. True To Your Health Personalised Nutrition
    Registered Nutritional Therapist - dipCNM, mBANT, mANP, rCNHC, rGNC
  1. Personalised Health Clinic
    We are Nutritional Therpaists trained in Functional Medicine
  2. Root Cause Nutrition
    I provide individualized health and nutrition counseling using a holistic approach
  1. The Nutritional Dentist (Hove Dental Clinic)
    Biological dentist Nutritionist Safe amalgam removal following IAOMT protocol SMART certified with IAOMT Functional Medicine approach Graduate from Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice-UK in 2017
  2. The Naturopathic Nutritionist
    Naturopathic nutritional therapy is a combination of functional medicine and naturopathy. Focusing on identifying and addressing the root cause – or more likely causes of the symptoms experienced. Ellen is also a certified practitioner of the RECODE Bredesen protocol.
  1. Functional Care Concepts
    You can feel great again... IDENTIFY. BALANCE. MAINTAIN. Let’s work together to understand your individual health needs and create a plan to support you for life.
  1. Young Health and Wellness
    Katie is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and a registered member of NNA. Postgraduate training includes: Mindd Foundation Practitioner. Environmental Medicine training. Oligoscan Practitioner Rhythmic Movement Training Levels 1 & 2. Katie is also a trained nanny with almost 30 years experience in working with children.
  2. Enjoy Nutrition
    Gentle, non-judgemental, do-able nutritional therapy.
  1. Nutrition by Rosie
    Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and peak performance. Nutritional Therapy can identify potential nutritional imbalances and how these contribute to symptoms. This approach allows the nutritional therapist to work with people on many levels by addressing nutritional imbalances and supporting the body towards maintaining health.
  2. Karen Brooks Nutrition
    Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in gut health
  1. Irina Ruseva Nutrition
    Nutritional therapist passionate about food and health. I believe in small changes which over time have a profound impact on health and performance.
  1. Future Health Management
    I have been a practitioner for over 10 years and speak fluent Spanish. I work online and offer a free 15 min telephone consultation.
  2. Foreshore Nutrition
    Offering 1:1 personalised in-person or online consultations from a professional clinic environment, using a staged functional medicine approach.
  1. HM Osteopathy & Nutrition
    Osteopathy and Nutrition combined to give you optimal health.